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About us

About us

    Board of Directors
  •  Michael Bailey
  •  Harvey Arkin
  •  Richard Stancliff

Michael is an experienced conservationist and video producer who places a high degree of emphasis on sustainability and protection of nature.The productions and projects which Michael directs have generated news media coverage via numerous news agencies. Michael Bailey’s ongoing initiatives include directing efforts to protect whales, dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles.

Michael is experienced with educational endeavors designed to advance understanding of how the ocean’s microscopic plant life is essential for sustaining the ocean food chain and can help slow down global warming and climate change.

He has organized international speaking tours pertaining to how natural microbes can be effectively used by organic farmers, animal husbandry, zoos, water treatment, and can benefit human health.

The balance of economy and ecology, that is world finance and environmental value, is one of Michael’s primary initiatives.

Michael’s expertise in domestic and international political matters is exemplified in the successful passage of the United Nations ban on high seas driftnets, That General Assembly Resolution successfully saves the lives of over 1 million dolphins, 4 million seabirds every year. Driftnets were a serious financial threat to the world’s salmon, tuna and billfish fisheries.

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Harvey currently serves as an officer and member of the Board of Directors of the WorldOpt institute.
An active conservationist, Harvey is an avid hiker, sailor and ocean enthusiast. Supporting and working within campaigns for ‘green’ and environmentally-aware political candidates, Harvey advocates for public policies which support nature conservation and social sustainability.

Harvey’s involvement with ecologically sound business practices began early in life when, in 1973, he was a co-founder of a metal recycling company. He became a vegetarian in 1970 to protest the Vietnam war and believes it reduces his carbon footprint.

Harvey’s interests in maintaining natural balances with living earth ecosystems is equally expressed as a Feldenkrais practitioner teaching body movement re-education.


Richard began a career in rental real estate in the early 1970’s. He initiated efforts leading up to the WorldOpt concept in the later 1970’s when he and a friend chartered an organization called The Institute for Quality Living, which provided housing and job training for the underhoused or homeless in Berkeley, California. This work led him toward further considerations of how we could cooperatively address social issues and become sustainable as a community of human beings.

The World Optimization concept has been gestating for over a decade as Richard and various friends and associates have considered the scope of work needed to achieve true sustainability. Of course it involves being responsible stewards of our only home planet; and developing the best options for all the beings inhabiting it. Eventually our thinking evolved away from specific “on the ground” causes, and we realized that a more comprehensive “airplane view from 30,000 feet” was needed to understand and encompass the wide range of issues confronting humanity, in hopes to optimize our world.

Now semi-retired, Richard currently manages a real estate project in Honolulu, Hawaii, and applies part of his spare time efforts to advocating best practices and predictive modeling, which can be expected to promote improved function of the multitude of factors comprising our society and biosphere.


Michal is an IT specialist with two masters degrees in computer science. He is currently working as a programmer/website developer for IBM and as an IT freelancer. His home is in Slovakia, central Europe.
He met Richard during his trip to Hawaii in 2013 and they became really good friends. Richard introduced Michal to Michael and after a dinner together, the collaboration began. Michal created all of this website’s technical features, and donated the site in its original form to WorldOpt; and now updates and maintains the site. Currently he is also working with Michael and Richard on another related project –, Michael’s website.

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