Working to optimize human and planetary conditions



The WorldOpt  Institute is founded to develop and improve the process of world optimization (including optimal human and environmental resource allocation) by:
  1. Working to support and enhance the networking of individuals and  organizations dedicated to environmental and/or social sustainability.
  2. Working to evolve a twenty-
    network of individuals and
    organizations to:
    (a) develop agreement and consensus
    on education and values appropriate to environmental and social
    (b) develop predictive models for sustainability; and
    (c) encourage the adoption and improvement of “best practices”.

The Institute exists to bring together convincing indications that a comprehensive, science-based analysis of our worldwide problems is possible and could be productive, and generate the initial conversations and commitments necessary to begin a credible optimization process.  Individuals and groups working on sustainability issues should be supremely interested in such an analysis, to comprehensively bolster and most effectively deploy the resources being applied to the world’s current problems.  To that end, our website

is intended to begin to discuss the means and methods to optimize world conditions, such that civilization has more assurance of being sustainable.  Suggestions as to how best to organize, to allow maximum participation and innovation, are welcome.  And then, of course, the work begins!

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